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General Conditions

Conditions for cancellation of your booking: if less than 30 days before arrival, a 50% fee will be due; if less than 15 days before arrival the fee will be 100%.
Cancellations earlier than 30 days must be compensated at 50 Euro for administration costs. These conditions aren't aplicabable for non refundable reservations

Any modification or cancelation needs to be communicated by mail or fax.

Non refundable reservations: if cancelled, modified or in case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will always be charged.

Group reservations : for reservations of more than 2 rooms special conditions apply : 50% advanced payment is required.  This advance payment is non refundable.  If canceled the full reservation cost will be charged.

The municipality of De Panne charges a residence tax to people staying in De Panne. This is charged separately to our guests.

All bookings are to be paid at the latest on the day of departure unless explicitly agreed upoon by the hotel management.  A time-price differential charge equal 15 % per annum with a minimum of € 25, will be charged on all balances not paid in full by the date indicated on the invoice.

All disputes arising from the Special Conditions and the Terms and Conditions are governed by Belgian law and only the Courts of Hotel Villa Select's registered office shall have jurisdiction.

Bookings have to be requested in writing or through the website and are only binding upon the hotel following explicit, written confirmation by Hotel Villa Select.

Apart from a fully voluntarily, written and signed consent by the manager, no commission is allowed.

Prices mentioned are subject to errors or a clearly different price. In such cases, the hotelier has the right to cancel the booking.

Hotel Villa Select reserves the right to require payment of the full amount of the booked services or a credit card guarantee. In the latter case, validity of the credit card may be verified and the credit card must be registered to the customer’s personal name or the legal entity he is duly authorized to represent.

Hotel Villa Select shall provide the services mentioned in the booking confirmation to the customer. The descriptions, sizes and pictures and drawings in quotations, catalogues and/or on the website are only provided for information purposes.

Hotel Villa Select is not liable for any accidents occurring at the hotel’s premises, including the car park.

Hotel Villa Select is not liable for loss, theft or damage caused to the customer by third parties, with the exception of the items for which an explicit and written custodian agreement was concluded.


dogs are our friends and therefore welcome at Hotel Villa Select.

We just ask a supplement of € 20 per night per pet for the maintenance of the room.

Pets are not allowed in the pool.


Rooms are available from 14.30 h. on the day of arrival.

If the customer does not arrive before 6 PM without notification, Hotel Villa Select reserves the right to rent the booked room to a different customer without further notification. If the customer arrives after 6 PM and no similar room is available, Hotel Villa Select has the right to consider the agreement to be terminated by operation of the law and without notification of default. Such termination does not entitle the customer to compensation.

A late arrival after 6 PM can be guaranteed only with an advance payment or credit card details.  In case of arrival after 18.00 hrs. it is the responsability of the customer to inform the hotel on the day in question.

Check in after 22. h. is only possible after excplicit written confirmation from the hotel.


We request you to leave the room before 11.00 h.  If you leave the room after 11 and before 12.30 a charge of € 15 will be made to your bill.  After 12.30 h. an extra night will be charged.  Exceptions are only possible after excplicit authorisation of Hotel Villa Select.

Liability of the customer

The customer is liable with respect to Hotel Villa Select for all damages caused by him or the people accompanying him or the people under his care, to the buildings of Hotel Villa Select or to the internal and external appurtenances, to the Hotel’s furnishings and to its staff or to third parties.

The customer declares that he will abide by the rules of the “Donny” site and acknowledges to have read these rules.

Should the customer cause damage to movable or immovable property of Hotel Villa Select, he shall compensate the damage immediately and at least before his departure, at Hotel Villa Select’s first request.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel, unless expressly stated otherwise by Hotel Villa Select. In case this provision is breached, Hotel Villa Select reserves the right to charge compensation in accordance with the applicable provisions defined in the special conditions as of the date of the breach.

Smoking is forbidden both in the public and the private areas at Hotel Villa Select. For each violation by the customer and/or people accompanying him or under his custody, the customer shall have to pay € 250 in compensation.

If the customer violates this provision, Hotel Villa Select reserves the right to suspend performance of its obligations and consider the agreement to be terminated by operation of the law and without notice of default.